Privacy Policy

This 'Privacy Policy' lays down the rules for how Kortrijk Xpo (including its subsidiaries - the list of subsidiaries can be found here [LINK], hereinafter referred to as "Kortrijk Xpo") may collect, use and store personal data relating to its professional customers.  

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully so that you are familiar with Kortrijk Expo’s policy relating to this subject and so that you are aware of your own rights regarding your personal data in relation to Kortrijk Xpo.  

The Privacy Policy is regularly updated. The most recent version of the statement is available on the website (i.e., hereinafter referred to as the "Website") and all the websites of the exhibitions organised by Kortrijk Xpo. The Website and the individual websites of the trade fairs are referred to collectively as the "Websites". We will notify you via the usual communication channels as and when any significant changes are made.  

When you use our Website and/or any of our services (including registering for trade fairs, receiving newsletters irrespective of whether they relate to the exhibitions or not) you declare yourself to be in agreement with this Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions. This creates a contractual arrangement between you, as a customer and Kortrijk Xpo, which you can terminate at any time by exercising one of your rights (article 5 below). 

Article 1 – General

1.1. When processing your personal data, Kortrijk Xpo complies with legal requirements, currently the European Regulation no. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 governing data protection (better known as 'GDPR' or 'AVG') or any other legislative ruling that changes it.  

1.2.  The manager responsible for processing your personal information is Kortrijk Xpo.This means that you must address any requests to exercise your rights relating to your personal data to Kortrijk Xpo.

Article 2 – Personal information that you share with us  

-        Category 1: Your IP address when you use our Websites and when you log on and use the (free) WiFi connection.  

-        Category 2: Your (professional) ID coordinates such as your name, (professional) email address and telephone number when you request information, when you subscribe to a newsletter or any other form of information you would like to receive from Kortrijk Xpo.

Category 3: Your (professional) coordinates, such as your name, address, email address, telephone number and profile questions when you register for one of our trade fairs or when you purchase a ticket for one of them. In the event of the latter, should there be a fee for admission to the trade fair, you will also have to submit your payment information, such as your name and account number when making your payment.

Category 4: Where applicable, the data included in the QR code on your entrance ticket or badge, namely your first name, surname, telephone number (professional, address, company name, email address and profile questions that are gathered during the registration procedure. This information may or may not be presented in a visible manner on the badge or entrance ticket.  

Article 3 – Purposes of data processing

3.1. General purposes

Kortrijk Xpo will only use personal information obtained from you for the following:  

-         Category 1: We will use your IP address in order to maintain and improve our Website – in this instance your IP address may be included in anonymous statistics. The legal basis for this is the legitimate interests of Kortrijk Xpo in being able to ensure the continuous improvement of its Websites. We only use your IP address when you log on to our website in order to enable the activation of the WiFi connection. Your IP address is processed by the WiFi provider in accordance with the privacy policy of the specific WiFi provider. Kortrijk Xpo cannot be held responsible for any processing of your personal data by the relevant WiFi provider outside the terms and conditions as laid down in this Privacy Policy. 

Category 2
: Your identity coordinates are only used to send communications for which you have subscribed or requested.

Category 3: Your identity coordinates will only be processed as part of the creation and execution of the agreement lawfully based on the contractual agreement between Kortrijk Xpo and you, the customer. Your payment details such as name and account number are only used to facilitate payments lawfully based on the contractual agreement between Kortrijk Xpo and you, the customer. This data is only fully visible to the regulated payment provider with whom Kortrijk Xpo cooperates. The only information that Kortrijk Xpo receives in this respect is whether the payment has been successful or not.  

Your payment details are processed by the payment provider in accordance with the privacy policy indicated by them. Kortrijk Xpo cannot be held responsible for the processing of your personal data by the relevant payment provider beyond the terms and conditions as laid down in this Privacy Policy. 

Category 4: If a QR code is provided on your entrance ticket and/or badge, the exhibitors may scan this QR code on their stands and thus obtain the following information from you: first name, surname, telephone number, address, company name, email address and any profile questions (in accordance with the policy indicated on your entrance ticket and/or badge, hereinafter referred to as the "Badge Policy"). You can obtain further information about this in the Badge Policy in article 9.  

3.2. Direct marketing  

Your personal information may also be used for direct marketing purposes for events organised by Kortrijk Xpo, such as sending out promotional information and general information by email.  The legal basis for this is the legitimate interest of Kortrijk Xpo, whereby we will ensure proportionality. If you are already included on our mailing list for receiving electronic marketing material, Kortrijk Xpo may use your data to send out direct marketing material relating to Kortrijk Xpo, its subsidiaries and its services.

Kortrijk Xpo will never pass on your coordinates to its partners or third parties unless you have given your additional and explicit permission for this ("opt-in").  

This permission may be withdrawn at any point in time, without justification and free of charge. You can do this for example by clicking the appropriate ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of each promotional email message. You can also contact Kortrijk Xpo via or by writing to the following address: Doorniksesteenweg 216, 8500 Kortrijk.

In compliance with article have the right to oppose this at any point in time.   

3.3. Transfer of data to third parties

3.3.1 You always have the right to pass on professional personal data (name, first name, email address) of a colleague. By doing this, you guarantee that you have obtained permission to do so from this colleague. Your personal data may also be passed on to us by a colleague. In these instances, we assume that this colleague has acted with your consent.

3.3.2 When you register for any of our events, your data may be transferred to and processed by our exhibitors who have a VISIT CONNECT license, by scanning the QR code on your entrance ticket or badge. The legal basis for this is your prior consent, the execution of the agreement and the fact that you always have the choice  whether you wish to have your QR code scanned or not.  

In compliance with article 5.3, you have the right to oppose or exercise any other of your rights at any point in time.

3.4. Legal requirements  

In rare instances, Kortrijk Xpo may be obliged to disclose your personal details as a result of a court order or in order to comply with mandatory laws and regulations.  Kortrijk Xpo will attempt, as far as this is reasonably possible, to notify you in advance, unless legal restrictions make this impossible. 


Article 4 – Duration of the processing procedure 

Your personal information will not be stored and processed any longer than is necessary in order to fulfil the purpose for which the data was collected. 

Category 1: The IP address collected when you use one of our Websites is used for the duration of your visit to these Websites. The IP address collected when you use the WiFi connection is used only for the duration of your use of the WiFi connection. Your IP address is stored exclusively with the WiFi provider in accordance with legally regulated storage periods

Category 2: Your ID coordinates such as name, (professional) email address and telephone number are stored for the duration of the contractual arrangement.  

Category 3: Your ID coordinates such as name, (professional) email address and telephone number are stored for the duration of the contractual arrangement. Payment details are stored by the payment provider exclusively in compliance with the regulatory storage periods.

Category 4: The data included in the QR code on your entrance ticket is stored by Kortrijk Xpo for the duration of the contractual arrangement. Exhibitors are obliged to store this information in compliance with the legislation in force. Furthermore, exhibitors are obliged to inform you of the terms and conditions laid down in their respective privacy policies.  

Article 5 – Your rights

Under current legislation, you have certain rights relating to your personal data. You can exercise these rights by sending a written request to Kortrijk Xpo by mail at or by post by writing to Doorniksesteenweg 216, 8500 Kortrijk, which is dated, signed and attached with a copy of the front of your identity card. This copy shall only be used to identify you and to authenticate your request. After the authentication process, the copy of your identity card and the personal data pertaining thereto shall immediately deleted. 

5.1. Right of access and inspection
You may ask Kortrijk Xpo at any point in time whether it processes your personal data, for what purposes it processes this data, which categories of data are processed and with whom it is shared.
5.2. Right of improvement, removal and restriction.
You have the right at any point in time to ask Kortrijk Xpo to improve, complete, remove or to restrict the processing of your personal information. 
5.3. Right to oppose
You have the right to oppose the processing of your data for serious and legitimate reasons.
Moreover, you always have the right to oppose the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes. In these instances you are not required to provide a reason.

When you unsubscribe to our newsletter of any form of direct marketing (this by using the unsubscribe link on a mailing), your right to object shall be limited to the current edition of the relevant fair. If you wish to exercise your right ot object to all newsletters or to all forms of direct marketing for all fairs, please follow the procedure as set forth hereabove.

5.4. Right of free transfer of information
You have the right to ask Kortrijk Xpo to forward your personal information either to yourself or directly to another data processing manager where technically feasible. 

5.5. Right to withdraw permission
If the legal basis for the processing of your personal data is your prior approval, you have the right to withdraw it.

5.6. Automatic decisions and profiling
The processing of your personal information does not include profiling and is not subjected by us to automatic decision-making.

5.7. Right to submit complaints
You have the right to file complaints with the Data Protection Authority: Printing Press 35, 1000 Brussels, tel +32 (0) 2 274 48 00, email:

This is not prejudicial to the provisions for a civil court case. If you suffer damages as a result of the processing of your personal data, you can submit a claim for compensation. 

 Article 6 – Security and confidentiality

 6.1. We have developed security, technical and organisation-oriented measures to avoid the destruction, loss, falsification, modification, unauthorised access or erroneous transfer of personal information to third parties as well as any other unauthorised processing thereof.

 6.2. Under no circumstances can Kortrijk Xpo be held liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from incorrect or unlawful use of your personal information by third parties. You guarantee that you have lawfully obtained the consent of any persons who appear in any images submitted or uploaded by you and that you will indemnify and safeguard Kortrijk Xpo against any claims by third parties against Kortrijk Xpo for unlawful processing of their personal information.  

6.3. You must comply with security regulations at all times, for example by preventing any unauthorised access to your login. You are therefore solely responsible for any use of the website from your computer, f your IP address and your identification coordinates, as well as for the confidentiality thereof.  

Article 7 – Access by third parties  

In order to be able to process your personal data, we give our staff access to your personal information where necessary for any of the aforementioned processing purposes.  

Article 8 – Cookies  

8.1. What are cookies?  

A "cookie" is a small file sent by websites and stored on the hard drive of your computer or on your mobile devices. The information stored in these cookies can only be read by us and only for the duration of your visit to one of our Websites.

8.2. Why do we use cookies?  

Our Websites use cookies and similar technologies to distinguish your user preferences from those of other users of our Websites. This helps us to provide you with a better user experience when you visit our Websites and also allows us to optimise our Websites.  

As a result of recent legislative changes, all websites that target certain parts of the European Union are obliged to ask for your permission to use and store cookies and similar technologies on your computers or mobile devices. Our Cookie Policy gives you clear and complete information about the cookies we use and what we use them for.  

8.3. Types of cookies:  

Although different types of cookies exist that differ in terms of functionality, origin or storage periods, legislation generally distinguishes between functional and technically essential cookies and all other cookies. Our Websites use the following cookies exclusively:

Functional cookies



Authentication cookies

‘Remember me’

To identify the users when they log on.

User input cookies

‘Lifestyle Identifier’

To remember manipulations made by users on websites.

User interface customisation cookies

Are used to remember preferences of the different users. 


Non-functional cookies



Tracking cookies

Are used to establish the browsing patterns of visitors.

Social plug-in tracking cookies

These are used in order to offer social media modules on websites such as a Facebook like button, the LinkedIn share button or to re-tweet messages. 

For cookies placed by third parties (including Google Analytics, Plus, Maps, Analytics, Adwords), Bing Search Marketing, Facebook please refer to the statements provided by these parties on their respective websites. Please note we do not exert any influence concerning the content of these statements, or the content of the cookies of these third parties: Google Analytics cookies. Google Analytics cookies. 

8.4.Your consent:

On your first visit to our Websites you will be asked to accept our cookies on condition that you approve this policy. You may change the cookie settings for our Websites at any point in time via the link at the bottom of our Websites thus withdrawing your consent. 

You can refuse or block cookies by changing the parameter settings of your navigation system. Disabling cookies may mean that will not be able to use certain functions of the Websites.  For more information about cookies we advise you to consult the respective Websites about these cookies (such as Google ( technologies / cookies, etc.)  

If you have any further queries or comments relating to the processing of your personal information, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email at  or by writing to us at

Kortrijk Xpo
Doorniksesteenweg 216
8500 Kortrijk

You can find more information about cookies on : http: // You can find more information about online behavioural advertising and online privacy here:

Article 9 – Badge Policy

By allowing your badge to be scanned, you agree to share your personal information with the relevant exhibitors/sponsors. You agree that information regarding yourself will also be shared - including outside the European Union - so that you can receive information about their products / services.  

And finally, you give the exhibition organisers permission to keep your personal data up to date in accordance with their privacy policy ( for the purposes or organising the trade fair and in order to ensure the effective analysis of visitor flow with a view to preparing and improving the design and concept of the exhibition in the future.

Your data will be treated by GES, software for data processing. More info: |


Article 10 – Applicable law and competent court

This Privacy Policy is managed, interpreted and executed in accordance with Belgian law that is exclusively applicable. The Courts of Kortrijk and Ghent are exclusively authorised to handle any dispute resulting from the interpretation or implementation of this Privacy Policy.