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Xpo Group

Since 2023, the various activities of Kortrijk Xpo have been consolidated under the name "Xpo Group." This name change reflects the growth and diversification of the company, which, in addition to operating the exhibition building in Kortrijk, is also engaged in other activities such as organizing trade fairs and events across Europe.

Although the company's umbrella name is changing, "Kortrijk Xpo" will continue to exist to designate the location and site in Kortrijk. Kortrijk Xpo has a rich history and maintains a strong connection with the city of Kortrijk, where it has been organizing world-class events for many years. This local anchoring remains an important aspect of the company.

About Xpo Group

Xpo Group, formerly known as Kortrijk Xpo, was founded in 1967 with the sole mission of operating the recently built event hall in the city of Kortrijk. As it proved difficult to attract external organizations willing to organize trade fairs and events, the company quickly began organizing its own trade fairs. Fifty years later, Kortrijk Xpo organizes events throughout Europe and has built a portfolio of 40 trade fairs covering various sectors such as architecture, food, manufacturing, and other niches. w

The Kortrijk site has significantly expanded over the years, covering over 40,000 square meters, making it the fifth-largest location in the Benelux. The company generates a consolidated annual turnover of around 40 million euros and employs around 100 people. The mission of Xpo Group is to "create meaningful connections." This means that Xpo Group aims to connect people, innovators, companies, and communities in the best possible way.