COVID-proof fairs

The best way to create meaningful connections is face-to-face. Trade fairs bring communities together and are a powerful engine for our economy. In times of growth, but especially in times like now. Trade fairs are covered by the protocol for trade and can take place subject to the same strict measures as commercial centres.


   In Advance

  • Register online via the event website and indicate when you would like to visit the event.
  • A few days before your visit you will receive an email containing information about the hygiene measures that will apply during the event.
  • Do not come to the exhibition if you have health problems (coughing, sore throat, fever) on the day itself or if one of your roommates is ill.


   Upon entering

  • Amask is mandatory. They are available for visitors who do not have one themselves.
  • Temperature measurement - temperature > 37.5°C = no access
  • Hand hygiene : wash hands with disinfectant gel 
  • Follow the signs and keep sufficient distance
  • In the cloakroom you can store your coat
  • Your access badge will be scanned (note : you must respect your time lock) and you will receive a clip or lanyard.


   In the exhibition

  • Sanitary stations have been set up at various locations
  • Follow the signs in the corridors that provide a guided circuit or one-way traffic.
  • The number of visitors is continuously monitored to ensure that there are never too many visitors at the same time.
  • Stewards ensure that the rules of social distancing are respected
  • Via the event app, exhibitors can register your visit to their stand.



  • The rooms are furnished according to the rules of social distancing
  • Speakers and technicians comply with the hygiene measures
  • Check the programme in the event app
  • After each session, the room and the equipment used are thoroughly disinfected.
  • There is a separate entrance and exit


   The buildings

  • Toilets, door handles, banisters, counters and registration tools are continuously and thoroughly disinfected.
  • The sanitary stations are continuously being replenished
  • There is ventilation provided in the buildings
  • There is an enclosed first aid room provided where visitors and exhibitors look for help if they have medical problems.
  • A coordination protocol has been established with the AZ Groeninge hospital and the fire brigade (both 500m from Kortrijk Xpo).  



  • Employees wear mouth masks and gloves
  • There is enough space between the tables
  • You can only pay cashless 
  • Food and beverages are only offered or served pre-packaged
  • Tables and chairs are continuously and thoroughly disinfected

Thank you for respecting these measures. We cannot wait to meet you again! If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at or on +32 56 24 11 11